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2020 Water Quality Workshop Presentation Materials

Documents used during the 2020 Water Quality Workshops in Raleigh, NC (February 13, 2020) are posted here.

You may print any presentation in advance or access them on your mobile device during the workshop.

Water Quality Workshop Agenda


8:15 AM - Director's Remarks (30 minutes)

Danny Smith, Director
Division of Water Resources


8:45 AM Water Quality Legal Update (30 Minutes)

Bill Lane, General Counsel, DEQ

Legal Update

9:25 AM - Surface Water Standards (55 minutes)

Chris Ventaloro, Industrial Hygiene Consultant
Water Planning Section

  • Overview of Rules
  • Why Narrative Values are Developed
  • Triennial Reviews - What is done during the review and timing of the next review


10:30 AM - How Permit Limits are Developed • Update on Rules Readoption (55 minutes)

Nick Coco, Engineer, NPDES Complex Permitting Unit
Mike Templeton, Engineer, WQ Permitting Section


11:25 AM - NPDES Reporting Requirements (35 minutes)

  • Disclosure of wastewater contents
  • Disclosure of releases to downstream receptors

Jeff Poupart, Program Manager, Water Quality Permitting Section


12:45 AM - Groundwater Standards (30 minutes)

  • Overview of Rules
  • IMAC Updates and Period Standards Review

Bridget Flaherty Shelton, GW Quality Standards Coordinator, Rules Review Branch


1:15 PM - Groundwater Rules (30 minutes)

  • Implementation of .02L Groundwater Rules and Readoption Update
  • Compliance Boundaries and Review Boundaries

Rick Bolich Asst. Regional Supervisor, Raleigh Regional Office


1:55 PM - DEQ Environmental Justice and Equity Update (20 minutes)

Renee Kramer, Coordinator, Environmental Justice


2:15 PM - Industrial Stormwater Overview • PED/Express Permitting Audit (60 minutes)

Annette Lucas, PE, Stormwater Supervisor, DEMLR
Toby Vinson, Chief, Program Operations, DEMLR

Annette Lucas Presentation DOWNLOAD ⬇️
Toby Vinson Presentation DOWNLOAD ⬇️

3:25 PM - What to Expect During an NPDES Inspection (50 minutes)

Mock Inspection - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Tom Tharrington, Asst. Regional Supervisor, Wilmington Regional Office
Kevin Burk, Sr. Environmental Engineer, International Paper, Riegelwood

Tharrington Presentation DOWNLOAD ⬇️
Burk Presentation DOWNLOAD ⬇️

4:15 PM - PFAS and Residuals Management (30 minutes)

Poonam Giri, Hydrogeologist, Non-Discharge Permitting Unit
Rick Bolich, Assistant Regional Supervisor, Raleigh Regional Office