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NCMA Workshops

2016 Workshop Dates

What's New at DEQ for 2016
Jan. 21, 2016, Raleigh

Water Compliance
February 18, 2016, Raleigh

Air Quality Compliance 1
March 16, 2016, Hickory

Air Quality Compliance 2
March 22, 2016, Raleigh

Hazardous Waste 1
May 5, 2016, Wilmington

Hazardous Waste 2
May 12, 2016, Greensboro

Hazardous Waste 3
May 19, 2016, Raleigh

Hazardous Waste 4
May 26, 2016, Asheville

Hazardous Waste 5
Nov. 3, 2016, Charlotte

EEHS School
August 8-9, 2016, Raleigh

NCMA's Top Stories In The News

NCMA Welcomes Eaton Corp. as Its Newest Member

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the NCMA Board of Directors approved the application for membership submitted by Eaton Corporation.  Please join the NCMA Board and staff in welcoming Eaton as the newest member of the Alliance. [Nov. 20, 2015]

New State SSM Rule on Fast Track: NCMA Needs YOUR Input by Dec. 1

SSM RuleThe Division of Air Quality’s is on a fast track to have its new Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction (SSM) Rule in draft form by early December. NCMA is preparing comments and suggestions on what should be included in the draft rule. NCMA members concerned need to act by Dec. 1. [Nov. 20, 2015]

NCMA Sponsoring Special Workshop on New Laws & Regulations Jan. 21, 2016

Stay Up to Date at an MCMA WorkshopPublic Content Join us for “Environmentally Speaking 2016: What the NC Department of Environmental Quality Wants You to Know About Implementing Regulatory Reform and Other New Legislation in 2016” on January 21, 2016, at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh from 9 AM to 4 PM.

This special workshop is co-sponsored by the North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and its Division of Air Quality (DAQ), Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources (DEMLR), Division of Waste Management (DWM) and Division of Water Resources (DWR). [Nov. 20, 2015]

EPA Warns DEQ That It Risks Federal Takeover of Permitting Programs

EPAThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has put state officials on notice that North Carolina’s alleged tactic of blocking citizens from challenging state permits for industrial polluters is putting the state at risk of losing its authority to regulate industrial water pollution and air pollution. [Nov. 20, 2015]

DEQ Disputes EPA Claim That State's Permit Appeal Process Is Flawed

NC DEQPublic Content The North Carolina DEQ released a statement Nov. 17, 2015 responding to EPA's allegations that the Department was blocking citizens from challenging state permits for industrial polluters and that this could result in a federal takeover of the state’s regulatory program. [Nov. 20, 2015]

DEQ Takes Action to Hold EPA Accountable Under Clean Air Act

NC DEQPublic Content The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) said Nov. 18, 2015 that it is taking legal actions to hold the federal Environmental Protection Agency accountable for its failure to perform its duties as prescribed by the Clean Air Act. [Nov. 20, 2015]

Hager, Millis Will Keep Fighting NC Renewable Mandates

RenewablesTwo prominent state lawmakers say they will press vigorously for freezing or reducing state mandates to use more renewable energy when the General Assembly returns for the 2016 short session, The Carolina Journal reported Nov. 17, 2015. [Nov. 20, 2015]

NC's New Ranking on Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index

Tax FoundationNorth Carolina went from being 44th on the State Business Tax Climate Index to being on the right path to becoming a top ten state thanks to the tax reform legislation passed in recent years. [Nov. 20, 2015]

Newspaper: Four Part Report on Water Supply Challenges Across the Carolinas

Our WaterCarolina native Bruce Henderson, who has covered environmental issues for the Charlotte Observer for 20 years, spent months researching water-supply challenges across the Carolinas. The paper published his four-part report this week. [Nov. 20, 2015]

NC DEQ Rescinds Old Enforcement Policy for Self-Reported Violations

Rescind PolicyNC DEQ announced Oct. 23, 2015 that it has rescinded its 1995 Enforcement Policy on Self-Reported Violations and instead will rely on the newly enacted environmental self-audit privilege and limited statutory immunity provisions of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015. [Nov. 6, 2015]

Legislature Adopts Risk-Based Remediation Amendments Sought by NCMA

NCMA supported risk based remediationPublic Content The NC General Assembly gave final approval Sept. 30, 2015 to legislation amending the state's current risk-based remediation statutes. These reforms, advocated by NCMA as a top-tier reform priority for manufacturers in the 2015 Session, will make significantly more sites potentially eligible for risk-based remediation. [Oct. 9, 2015]

Regulatory Reform Act Creates Environmental Self-Audit Privilege and Limited Statutory Immunity

NCMA Supported Audit PrivilegePublic Content The NC General Assembly gave final approval Sept. 30, 2015 to legislation, first proposed by NCMA, that creates a new legal privilege shielding environmental audits and grants statutory immunity from civil penalties for many self-reported violations. [Oct. 9, 2015]


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