Becoming a Member

Manufacturers Membership

Membership in the North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) is open to any individual, partnership, corporation, division of a corporation, or other business entity who:

  • manufactures in North Carolina; or
  • manufactures elsewhere in the United States and maintains a plant, office, branch, or other facility in North Carolina; and
  • meets such additional standards and criteria as established by the Board of Directors and approved by the Alliance membership.


Business Partner Membership

Waste management companies, utilities, law practices, or consulting firms may be eligible to join as a Business Partner. Applicants must be currently providing professional services for an active NCMA Member willing to sponsor them. These services include legal, engineering, EHS consulting, tax and accounting. 

The Business Partner program allows participation in some of NCMA's activities. Each Business Partner must be approved by the NCMA Board of Directors. Dues are a flat rate of $5,000 per year.

Schedule of Dues for Manufacturing Members

Number of NC EmployeesDues
0 - 75$1,450
76 - 125$2,900
126 - 175$3,600
176 - 250$4,350
251 - 350$5,450
351 - 500$7,250
501 - 700$9,450
701 - 900$10,850
901 - 1500$13,300
1,501 - 2,999$15,100
3,000 - 4,999$16,900
5,000 +$18,100

Business Partner Participation Levels

Science & Technology CommitteeFull
Government Affairs ComitteeLimited (by invitation of Comittee Chair)
Safety CommitteeFull
Ad hoc CommitteesLimited (by invitation of Committee Chair)
PAC BoardNone
PAC FundrasiersAllowed (cannot be solicited)
Political EventsGenerally none
EEHS SchoolRequired to sponsor or exhibit
NCMA Annual MeetingFull
NCMA Weekly UpdateFull
Membership Directory ListingFull
Website AccessFull
Website Links to Partner SitesAllowed
Website AdvertisingAllowed (additional charge)