Becoming a Member


Membership in the North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) is open to any individual, partnership, corporation, division of a corporation, or other business entity which:

  • is engaged in manufacturing in North Carolina; or
  • is engaged in manufacturing activities elsewhere in the United States and maintains a plant, office, branch, or other facility in North Carolina; and
  • meets such additional standards and criteria as established by the Board of Directors and approved by the Alliance membership.

Waste management companies, utilities, law practices, or consulting firms are not eligible for membership, but can be considered as a Business Partner with member sponsorship. The Business Partner program allows participation in some of NCMA's activities by a limited number of non-manufacturing firms. Eligible firms must be engaged in providing professional services to NCMA members. These services include legal, engineering, EHS consulting, tax and accounting. Each prospective Business Partner must be nominated by an existing NCMA member who is currently engaged in a business relationship with the prospective Business Partner. Each Business Partner must then be approved by the NCMA Board of Directors. 

Application for regular or business partner membership in NCMA must be made in writing. Applications are available by contacting Jimmy Carter or Preston Howard in NCMA's office at 919-834-9459. The annual participation fee for Business Partners is $5000. Manufacturing membership fees vary depending on the size of the company.

Number of NC Employees Dues
0 - 75 $1,450
76 - 125 $2,900
126 - 175 $3,600
176 - 250 $4,350
251 - 350 $5,450
351 - 500 $7,250
501 - 700 $9,450
701 - 900 $10,850
901 - 1500 $13,300
1,501 - 2,999 $15,100
3,000 - 4,999 $16,900
5,000 + $18,100