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Air Quality Workshop Library


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2024 Air Quality Compliance Workshop

Documents used during the Air Quality Workshops on March 5 and 19, 2024


DISCLAIMER: All materials posted on this page are intended for use by those who attended the NCMA co-sponsored Online North Carolina Water Quality Compliance Workshops in 2024. Any errors in the information found on this page cannot be used as a defense for noncompliance with water quality rules. Regulated entities are responsible for compliance regardless the information found on this page or interpretation of the meaning of these materials. All information is subject to change and correction prior or subsequent to user access.

7:45 AM Air Quality Permitting Fundamentals

Presented by

Rahul P. Thaker, P.E., QEP, Engineering Supervisor, Raleigh Central Office
Patrick Ballard, P.E., Environmental Engineer/Permits Coordinator, Asheville Regional Office
Jeffrey Cole, Environmental Engineer/Permits Coordinator, Fayetteville Regional Office

Permitting Fundamentals Presentation Slides

9:00 AM What to Expect from the Division of Air Quality in 2024

Presented by
Mike Abraczinskas, Director, Division of Air Quality
Taylor Hartsfield, Deputy Director, Division of Air Quality

What to Expect in 2024 Presentation Slides

9:45 AM Title V/PSD Permitting Updates

Presented by
Hickory and Raleigh: Mark Cuilla, Permitting Chief

Title V/PSD Permitting updates Presentation Slides

10:15 AM BREAK

10:30 AM Impacts from Summer Wildfires

Presented by
Hickory: Sara Kreuser
Raleigh: Bradley McLamb

Summer Wildfires Presentation Slides

10:45 AM Air Quality Rules/Planning Updates

Hickory and Raleigh:
Tammy Manning, Attainment Planning Branch Supervisor
Katie Quinlan, Rule Development Branch Supervisor

Rules/Planning Update Presentation Slides
Revised for Raleigh workshop!

11:15 AM Lessons Learned in Source (Stack) Testing

Presented by
Hickory: Taylor Fort, RCO
Raleigh: Gregg O'Neal, RCO and Taylor Fort, RCO

Source Testing Presentation Slides 
Revised for Raleigh workshop!

11:45 AM Lunch

1:00 PM Air Quality Compliance Fundamentals

Presented by
Hickory: Michael Koerschner, ARO
Raleigh: Robert Bright, WARO

Air Quality Compliance Fundamentals Presentation Slides 
Revised for Raleigh Workshop!

2:00 PM Compliance and Enforcement Updates

Presented by
Hickory and Raleigh: Brian Phillips, RCO

Compliance and Enforcement Updates Presentation Slides 

2:30 PM CAA Section 112(r) – Program Update

Presented by
Hickory and Raleigh: Mike Reid, RCO SSCB

112(r) Presentation Slides


3:00 PM Compliance Panel Discussion

Hickory Panelists include:

  • Denise Hayes, MRO
  • Davis Murphy, WSRO
  • Chris Scott, ARO
  • Samir Parekh, RCO SSCB

Raleigh Panelists include:

  • Steve Allen, FRO
  • Ashby Armistead, WIRO
  • Kurt Tidd, WARO
  • Will Wike, RRO
  • Samir Parekh, RCO SSCB

3:45 PM Permitting Breakout Sessions

Title V / PSD Permitting Panel Discussion

Hickory Panelists Include:

  • Mark Cuilla
  • Rahul Thaker
  • Gary Saunders
  • Emily Supple

Raleigh Panelists Include:

  • Mark Cuilla
  • Rahul Thaker
  • Gary Saunders
  • Joe Voelker
  • Russel Braswell

Synthetic Minor and Small Permitting Panel

Hickory Panelists Include:

  • Patrick Ballard, ARO
  • Jim Hafner, WSRO
  • Jennifer Manning, MRO

Raleigh Panelists include:

  • Dean Carroll, WIRO
  • Betsy Huddleston, WARO
  • Jeff Cole, FRO
  • Sindy Huang, RRO

Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) Handouts

Handout 1 - Overview of NC Department of Environmental Assistance and Customer Services

  • Technical Assistance - Handouts 2, 4, 5 & 6,
  • Recycling and Material Management - Handout 4,
  • Resources and Energy Efficiency - Handout 5,
  • Recognition Programs:  NC Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) - Handout 2
    & NC GreenTravel - Handout 3,
  • Recycling Outreach Programs (Recycle Guys, Recycle Right NC & Recycle More NC), Handout 4 and
  • NCDEQ Regional Office presence, Handout 6

DEACS Overview 

Handout 2 - NC Department of Environmental Quality's Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI)

ESI promotes and encourages superior environmental performance in North Carolina. This voluntary program is available at no cost. ESI seeks to reduce the impact on the environment beyond measures required by any permit or rule, producing a better environment, conserving natural resources and resulting in long-term economic benefits. As part of the ESI program, DEACS staff provide technical assistance and advise on strategies to reduce their water and energy usage. ESI members, including businesses and others, are required to institute a performance-based system to achieve their environmental goals

ESI Program Brochure

Handout 3 - North Carolina Green Travel Initiative Version 2

The NC GreenTravel program recognizes tourism-oriented businesses for their accomplishments in environmental stewardship, including energy and water conservation, waste reduction, recycling and other practices that help protect the environment.

Green Travel Brochure

Handout 4 - Recycling and Materials Management

The Recycling and Materials Management Section (RMMS) promotes recycling programs and helps expand recycling infrastructure. RMMS works closely with Waste Reduction partners (WRP) to identify and implement waste reduction and recycling efforts by commercial, institutional and industrial generators providing critical material supply to manufacturers, reducing dependence on landfills and saving natural resources.

RMMS Brochure

Handout 5 - Resource and Energy Efficiency

The Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) team helps organizations (Manufacturers, Businesses, Agriculture, Local governments, K-12 schools & institutions, Non-profits) to improve environmental and energy management through efficiency techniques that save money. The WRP team conducts on-site assessments and provides consulting services to businesses and public facilities throughout North Carolina. Consulting services are confidential and most are provided at no cost to the client. These services are supported through government and utility-sponsored grants

WRP team performs the following onsite assessments

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Soil Waste Reduction Assessments (Zero Waste)
  • Agricultural Plastics Recycling

WRP Brochure

Handout 6 - NCDEQ Regional Office Presence

Environmental Assistance Coordinators are closer to our customers in the department’s seven regional offices and can provide on-site consultation and coordinated permit reviews for proposed projects. Their primary responsibility is to assist businesses, industries, local governments, other institutions, consultants and residents as they seek to identify, understand and comply with the state’s environmental requirements.

Environmental Assistance Coordinators Regional Directory