Benefits of NCMA Membership

“NCMA has been an effective advocate in North Carolina for legislative and regulatory issues related to the environment, tax policy and energy and utility activity that are of importance to PCS Phosphate Company, Inc. (PotashCorp-Aurora) and other manufacturers and chemical companies. NCMA staff have extensive knowledge and experience to address these complex issues. They have consistently been very responsive to our needs, and they effectively represent our best interests and those of other members. Membership in NCMA is the best method for our organization to address these needs.”
Steve Beckel, General Manager, PotashCorp-Aurora


“Shurtape’s decision to join NCMA was easy. They have always been there to support manufacturing, and that support has paid off for us. Over a five-year period, Shurtape estimates that we have saved more than $200,000 annually as a direct result of NCMA’s legislative and regulatory advocacy. This figure does not include the incalculable value of always being prepared for the future with the help of such things as NCMA’s weekly newsletter, which keeps us up-to-date on issues like NC Air Toxics legislation. In short, we view NCMA as another partner in our business, helping us shape the future and make preparations for it through information and advocacy.”
Stephen Shuford, CEO, Shurtape Technologies, LLC


“NCMA is our go-to organization for results in North Carolina. Time after time, NCMA provides leadership that brings balanced and reasonable approaches to environmental and labor regulations, tax policy, energy policy and much more. We receive great value for our membership investment.”
Sara Kendall, Vice President Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Weyerhaeuser


“DuPont was one of the ten original companies which formed NCMA in 1988. DuPont’s membership in NCMA has resulted in both monetary and operational benefits to our businesses. In 2001, NCMA stopped the original NC Clean Smokestacks bill which would have imposed an eight percent surcharge on our electric rate, adding $300,000 per year to our electric bill. In 2002, NCMA worked with the Governor’s office, utilities, and other interested parties to re-write that legislation in a way that provided the same air quality benefits with no increased charges for manufacturers. It seems that almost every year NCMA accomplishes something that helps make our North Carolina operations more competitive. NCMA also initiated air permit legislation in 2003 that now provides a means for our facility to begin construction of a new or modified project prior to receiving its operating permit. This has given our facility greater flexibility in meeting our business needs. In 2007, NCMA led efforts to eliminate the taxes that manufacturers like DuPont paid on electricity, natural gas, and oil, saving our site tens of thousands of dollars annually. And most recently, NCMA led a successful effort to reform the state air toxics program, removing duplication with a federal program. This not only eliminated unnecessary costs to our operations, but it helped ensure that when business decisions and capital investments are made, our North Carolina facilities are more competitive. For DuPont, NCMA is a value-added partner!”
Ellis McGaughy, Site Manager, Dupont