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Environmental • Energy • Health & Safety School
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2022 Environmental • Energy • Health & Safety School
Chair, Sharon Drescher (Syngenta)

2022 EEHS School Steering Committee

Advanced Energy
Kitt Butler

Parik Deshmukh (Dean, Energy & Sustainability)

Amy Marshall

ATC Associates of North Carolina
Tim Grant

EI Group
Greg Lathan (Dean, Occupational Safety & Health)

Enthalpy Analytical
Lindsay Boone

Steve Curl

The GEL Group
Keith McCullock

Frank Stillo

Kilpatrick Townsend
Todd Roessler
Alan McConnell

Montrose Environmental
Brett Cox

NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Art Samberg

NC Department of Environmental Quality
Craig Caldwell (Division of Water Resources)
Betty Gatano (Division of Air Quality)
Jamie Ragan (Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service)

Ross Smith (President, Executive Committee)

Randy Green (Executive Committee)

Mike Hall (Dean, Water Quality)
Sarah Slagle-Garrett (Dean, Special Topics)

Shurtape Technologies
Mark Hawes (Executive Committee)

TRC Companies
James Joyner
Rachel Velthuisen
Chelsea Wenhardt
Walt Williams

Trinity Consultants
Dale Overcash (Dean, Air Quality)

Williams Mullen
Ethan Ware

Presentation Schedule At-a-Glance


Tuesday • August 2 • 2022

Room 3

Presentation Slides

ES-2 ESG 101, Basics of Sustainable Practices
Gustovo Moraes, Electrolux
Aaron Swartley, Electrolux
John O'Neill, US DOE
Art Samberg (Moderator), NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Gustovo Moraes's Presentation Slides
John O'Neill's Presentation Slides

ST-4 EHS Professionals - Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Success
Jessica Keith, Eaton Corporation
Stephen Azok, Fleet Readiness Center East
Marcia Allocco, DEACS
Jessica Keith's Presentation Slides
Stephen Azok's Presentation Slides
Marcia Allocco's Presentation Slides

ST-6 TRI Reporting 101
Nicole Santi, Trinity Consultants
Kim Fail, TRC Companies
Nicole Santi's Presentation Slides

ST-1 Building a strong EHS compliance program and integrating an effective enterprise EHS information management system with today’s digital technology
Chris Mickle, TRC Companies
Chris Mickle's Presentation Slides

AQ-5 Do you know how much of your facility's environmental data is online and how to fix it if it is wrong?
Katie Drennan, TRC Companies
Katie Drennan's Presentation Slides


Room 4

Presentation Slides

OSH-1 NC OSHA Update
Scott Mabry, Assistant Deputy NCDOL
OSHA Update Presentation Slides

OSH-2 Changing a Company's Safety Culture
Barry Maxwell, EI Group
Barry Maxwell's Presentation Slides

OSH-5 Local Exhaust and Process ventilation: Design, Operations, and Maintenance
Considerations to Minimize Employee Exposures / Industrial Hygiene Software to Organize your IH Program and Prevent Mistakes
Josh Dunbar, PE
Larry Rockefeller, CIH, CSP, EI Group
Josh Dunbar's Presentation Slides
Larry Rockefeller's Presentation Slides

WM-1 Snapshot: A Whirlwind Tour of Federal and State Hazardous Waste Cases that may Change your and your Inspector's Understanding of the Regulations
Ethan Ware, Williams Mullen
Ethan Ware's Presentation Slides

ST-2 What to Consider When Expanding or Changing a Major Process at your Facility
Don Burke, DEACS
David Auge, Grifols
Don Burke and David Auge's Presentation Slides

Room 6

Presentation Slides

AQ-2 Air Permitting 101
Eric Crump, NC Division of Air Quality
Urval Patel, NC Division of Air Quality
Presentation Slides

ES-1 Quantifying your Facility's Energy Footprint
Walt Williams, TRC Companies
Matt Doolin, Duke University
Parik Deshmukh, AECOM
Walt Williams Presentation Slides
Matt Doolin's Presentation Slides

ES-3 Distributed and Renewable Energy Options
Art Samberg, NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Liz Bowen, NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Vicky McCann, Advanced Energy
Kitt Butler (Moderator), Advanced Energy
Liz Bowen's Presentation Slides
Vicky McCann's Presentation Slides

AQ-3 Managing Environmental Compliance Data to Avoid Common AQ Violations
Dana Norvell, Trinity Consultants
Dana Norvell's Presentation Slides

Wednesday • August 3 • 2022

Room 3

Presentation Slides

WM-2 Are you Smarter than a Regulator? Take the Test on Hazardous Waste Generator Rules
Ethan Ware, Williams Mullen
Ethan Ware's Presentation Slides

ES-4 Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Options for Sustainability
Heather Brutz, NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Robert Bond, Tri-Lift Industries
Jacob Bolin (Moderator), Advanced Energy
Heather Brutz's Presentation Slides
Robert Bond's Presentation Slides

AQ-1 Air Quality Regulatory Update
Amy Marshall, ALL4
Amy Marshall's Presentation Slides

ES-5 Environmental Stewardship Initiative – Celebrating 20 Years of Assistance and Success
Davy Conners, DEACS
Scott Fister, Daimler Truck
Davy Conners' Presentation Slides
Scott Fister's Presentation Slides

Room 4

Presentation Slides

OSH-3 Developing ad Maintaining an Effective Contractor Safety Management Program
Barry Maxwell, EI Group
Barry Maxwell's Presentation Slides

OSH-6 Lockout/Tagout Mistakes you are Making
Jon Poole, EI Group
Jon Poole's Presentation Slides

OSH-7 Proactive Measures to Prevent an Active Shooter Incident
Orvel Ronk, Ronk Security Solutions LLC
Orvel Ronk's Presentation Slides

OSH-4 What to do when OSHA Knocks: An Interactive Look at the Legal Aspects of OSHA and Citation Defense
Travis Vance, Fisher Phillips Law Firm
Presentation Slides NOTE: Links to a website called "Prezi" to activate the presentation.

Room 6

Presentation Slides

AQ-4 How can the Public get interested in your project or permit renewal and what are the implications?
Michael Pjetraj, NCDEQ, Division of Air Quality
Renee Kramer, NCDEQ
Todd Roessler, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Todd Roessler's Presentation Slides

ST-3 TSCA 101 Panel
Michael Boucher, Crowell & Moring LLP
Mark Neaney, Geosyntec
Frank Stillo (Moderator), Geosyntec
Presentation Slides

ST-5 NC Environmental Justice Policy and Experience
Renee Kramer, NCDEQ
Presentation Slides

WQ-1 USEPA PFAS Roadmap • NCDEQ PFAS Roadmap
Michael Hicks, Ramboll
Presentation Slides

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