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2023 Environmental • Energy • Health & Safety School
Chair, Sharon Drescher (Syngenta)

2023 EEHS School Steering Committee

ABTech Industries
Kellyn Campbell

Advanced Energy
Kitt Butler

Peter Thibodeau (Dean, Energy & Sustainability)
Khrystle Bullock

Amy Marshall

ATC Associates of North Carolina
Tim Grant

EI Group
Greg Lathan (Dean, Occupational Safety & Health)
Mike Walker

Steve Curl

The GEL Group
Keith McCullock

GSI Environmental
Bonani Langan

Matt Burnette

Hart & Hickman
Greg Kanellis

International Paper
Brittany Robinson

Kilpatrick Townsend
Todd Roessler

Montrose Environmental
Brett Cox

NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Art Samberg

NC Department of Environmental Quality
Mike Hall (Dean, Water Quality, Division of Water Resources)
Betty Gatano (Division of Air Quality)
Jamie Ragan (Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service)

Ross Smith (President, Executive Committee)

Randy Green (Executive Committee)

Sarah Slagle-Garrett (Dean, Special Topics)

Shurtape Technologies
Mark Hawes (Executive Committee)

TRC Companies
Andy Rodak
Rachel Velthuisen
Chelsea Wenhardt
Walt Williams

Trinity Consultants
Dale Overcash (Dean, Air Quality)

Williams Mullen
Carrick Brooke-Davidson
Ethan Ware (Dean, Waste Management)

Tuesday • August 1 • 2023

Room 3

Presentation Slides

ES-2 Legal Risks Associated with ESG and Environmental Justice
Todd Roessler, Kilpatrick Townsend
Khrystle Bullock, AECOM
Todd Roessler's Presentation Slides  Revised!
Khrystle Bullock's Presentation Slides

WM-1 Hazardous Waste Compliance: What to Know When You Are Inspected
Aram Kim's Presentation Slides  

WQ-2 Water Quality 101: What to Expect when Inspected – Wastewater/Stormwater Edition
Tom Tharrington, NCDEQ
Tom Tharrington's Presentation Slides

ES-4 Advanced Recycling and Zero Waste Goals
Mike Greene, NCDEQ, Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC)
Mike Greene's Presentation Slides  

ST-4 Learning Events (systematic approach to environmental issues)
Brittany Robinson, International Paper
Brittany Robinson's Presentation Slides  

Room 4

Presentation Slides

OSH-1 NC OSHA Update
Scott Mabry, Chief of Staff, NC Department of Labor
Scott Mabry's Presentation Slides

OSH-3 Engineering Control Strategies to Reduce Exposure to Chemical and Physical Stressors
Phil Fincher and Josh Dunbar, EI Group
Presentation Slides

OSH-4 Noise, Hearing Conservation, and Control Strategies
Phil Fincher, EI Group
Phil Fincher's Presentation Slides

WQ-1  Water Quality 101: Permit Compliance
Greg Kanellis, Hart & Hickman
Greg Kanellis's Presentation Slides


WM-3 Choosing Your Company's Next Superfund Site: How to Evaluate and Select the Designated Facility for your Hazardous Wastes
Ethan Ware, Williams Mullen
Brian Toth, Montrose Environmental
Ethan Ware's Presentation Slides  
Brian Toth's Presentation Slides 

Room 6

Presentation Slides

AQ-1 AQ Permitting 101: How to Know if your Site Needs a Permit
Eric Crump, NCDAQ
Urva Patel, NCDAQ
Presentation Slides

ST-2 Environmental Justice
Carrick Brook-Davidson, Williams Mullen
Maya Hoon, NCDEQ
Carrick Brook-Davidson's Presentation Slides
Maya Hoon's Presentation Slides 

AQ-3 Complying with Your Permit: Address Common Errors, Changes from SSMP Removal, Address NOVs, Industrial Staff Turnover, High Vacancy
Brittany Robinson, International Paper
Brittany Robinson's Presentation Slides 

ST-1 Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Todd Roessler, Kilpatrick Townsend
Jake Wilhelm, GSI
Todd Roessler's Presentation Slides  Revised!
Jake Wilhelm's Presentation Slides 

ES-3 State and Federal Issues: The Push for Electrification (Federal Funding), Carbon Plan (NCUC), and the Clean Energy Plan (EO 80)
Ben Smith, Kilpatrick Townsend
Ben Smith's Presentation Slides

Wednesday • August 2 • 2023

Room 3

Presentation Slides

ES-1 ISO 50000/14000 and Launching ESG
Mike Walker, EI Group
Mike Walker's Presentation Slides

AQ-4 Hot Topics in Air Quality
Andy Rodak, TRC
Andy Rodak's Presentation Slides

WQ-4 Application of Field Screening for Low-Concentration Chlorinated Compounds in Groundwater
Mike Hall, NCDEQ, Division of Water Resources
Mike Hall's Presentation Slides Revised!

ES-5 Wind and Solar Power Energy in the Near-Term: When to Convert
Art Samberg, NC Clean Energy Technology Center at NCSU
Art Samberg's Presentation Slides  

Room 4

Presentation Slides

ST-3 Global Product Stewardship (GPS)
Mark Heaney, Geosyntec
Noelle Wooten, Nelson Mullins
Presentation Slides Revised!

OSH-2 EHS Software Solutions - How to Implement and Customize Occupational Safety & Health Programs to your Specific Industrial Operation
Heidi Bramblett and Larry Rockefeller, EI Group
Presentation Slides Revised!

OSH-5 Ergonomics
Barry Maxwell, EI Group
Barry Maxwell's Presentation Slides

OSH-6  Facility Security Fundamentals
Ryan Smith, RONK Security Solutions
Ryan Smith's Presentation Slides

Room 6

Presentation Slides

WM-2 HazardousWaste 101: Introductory Short Course on Requirements for Satellite Accumulation Areas, Central Accumulation Areas, Episodic Events, and Universal Waste Management
Richard Concepción
Richard Concepción's Presentation Slides

WQ-5 PFAS Investigations
Julie Grzyb, Deputy Director, NCDEQ Division of Water Quality
Julie Grzyb's Presentation Slides  

AQ-2 Permitting under the New NAAQS, Case examples of what to expect
Jon Hill, Trinity Consultants
Jon Hill's Presentation Slides  

WQ-3 Water Quality 101: Stormwater and Wastewater Monitoring
Chris White, Stantec
Chris White's Presentation Slides  

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