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COVID Preparedness ad hoc Committee
February 9, 2022 • 1:00 PM

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Science & Technology  / Government Affairs
February 17, 2022 • 1:00 PM

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Call for Topics

NCMA's Science & Technology • Government Affairs joint committee would like to begin collecting and selecting topics for presentation on the 2022 committee calendar.
No one knows better than the NCMA community of Business Partners and Members what topics are important, relevant, and timely for 2022 and beyond. Likewise, no one is better prepared to present them!
If you are able to present to the committee, send us your topic and a brief description.
The Science & Technology • Government Affairs Committees meet the third Thursday each month. Do you have a specific date in 2022 that you would like to present to the committee?
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Committee Presentations

Business Parter Presentations Shared at Select Meeting

View TRC presentation from August 19, 2021 Science & Technology Committee Meeting

ESG Reporting

by Daryl Whitt, Sr. Project Manager • TRC • Presented Aug 19, 2021
This presentation answers the questions:
  • What do we mean by ESG?
  • Is ESG different than Sustainability?
  • Why is ESG growing in Importance?
  • What are the key elements of ESG Reporting?
  • What standards and frameworks are being used for ESG reporting?
  • What is the Reporting Process?
  • What supply chain information should manufacturers consider in response to ESG inquiries and what should they be prepared to answer?

View TRC presentation from May 20, 2021 Science & Technology Committee Meeting

On-Site Solar
Deriving Income, Sustainability, and Public Goodwill from Open Areas and Underutilized Acreage
Presented by
Nakia Addison – Senior Project Manager and Heather Patti -Senior Ecologist/Project Manager
TRC Companies, Inc.

View Draper Aden and Associates presentation from March 18, 2021 Science & Technology Committee Meeting

EnviroWiki – Tech Transfer in the 21st Century
Presented by
Bilgen Yuncu, PhD, PE, PMP – Environmental Engineer
Draper Aden Associates

The Environmental (Enviro) Wiki is a web-based platform to communicate complex information using peer-reviewed articles from academic and industry experts. The wiki is designed to help plant managers and EHS professionals understand the latest science presented as encyclopedia summaries with text, videos, and illustrations

View Wood presentation from January 21, 2021 Science & Technology Committee Meeting

PFAS on EPCRA 313 List of Reportable Chemicals
Presented by Sean Mulligan, Senior Associate Engineer
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

In June 2020, the Code of Federal Regulations added 172 PFAS compounds to the EPCRA 313 list of reportable chemicals. The first TRI reports covering PFAS are due July 1, 2021. This presentation will address the following: how members determine how they process, produce, or otherwise use PFAS compounds; exemption applicability; comparing quantities to threshold reporting values and documenting those calculations; AFFF and Chrome Plating perspectives; PFAS and TRI challenges; andfuture casting about this topic for the coming years.

View Williams Mullen presentation from January 21, 2021 Emerging Compounds Ad hoc Committee Meeting

Emerging Contaminants: PFAS in NPDES Permits
EPA NPDES Permitting Strategy for PFAS Monitoring
Presented by Ethan Ware, Partner
Williams Mullen

This presentation is an overview of the recent EPA NPDES permitting strategy that includes PFAS monitoring. While the interim strategy is for EPA-issued permits, companies need to think about how their state permitting programs may respond to the precedence.

View Terracon presentation from November 19, 2020 Science & Technology Committee Meeting

Using Historical Data to Anticipate Future Risk
Presented by Mike Frawley, Terracon
What lies beneath the surface of any given site? Risk. Specifically, the risk associated with unknown conditions during project conception and initial design. Unanticipated subsurface conditions have the potential to force delays and cost overruns on even the best-managed and well-executed projects. In this digital era, mitigating risk associated with subsurface exploration and unanticipated subsurface conditions during construction is a top priority.

How, you ask? Consider for more than a century, geotechnical and environmental professionals have meticulously documented the location and conditions encountered in hundreds of thousands of sites. We are utilizing the power of GIS-processing in conjunction with this library of historical subsurface information to predict site conditions, identify potential problems, aid with site selection, and ultimately produce much more accurate preliminary budgets.

Committee Meeting Archives

Documents Shared at Each Meeting

Science & Technology | Government Affairs

Chair, Science & Technology - Mark Hawes, Shurtape
Chair, Government Affairs - Kenneth Lin, International Paper
Standing committees that meet jointly to maintain readiness and responsiveness to issues that impact manufacturers.

COVID Preparedness ad hoc Committee

Chair - PJ Klein, Corning
Committee Purpose: Share information among members and business partners that promote best practices to protect our employees and our manufacturing companies and prepare them for compliance with the COVID ETS


Emerging Compounds ad hoc Committee

Chair - Diane Hardison, Domtar
Committee Purpose: Develop manufacturing response to regulatory/legislative activity related to the rapidly growing forum on compounds of emerging concern.