Member Survey of NC Environmental Enforcement Policy

The North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) is requesting input from member companies and business partners to assess North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ)  implementation of tiered enforcement. In recent years, the Alliance pushed for a consistent policy across all NCDEQ enforcement programs and has appreciated the departments efforts to meet that need.

NCMA has developed a survey to gain insights into the current status of NCDEQ enforcement implementation. Check your weekly update for a link. Members and business partners are encouraged to share examples of the policy in action and how it is working to ensure adherence to DEQ's March 2000 Principles of Enforcement.

The Regulatory Reform Act of 2011 directed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (now Department of Environmental Quality) to develop a uniform policy for notification of deficiencies and violations for all regulatory programs. The department reported to Joint Select Regulatory Reform Committee on October 1, 2011 on the development of the uniform notification policy based on a tiered enforcement structure designed to make enforcement response commensurate with the environmental violation or deficiency.