NCDEQ Announces Updated and Improved Risk Evaluation Resources

NCDEQ Announces Updated and Improved Risk Evaluation Resources

In an email to interested parties today, Janet Macdonald, PG, Unit Supervisor and Risk-Based Remediation Team Chair with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), announced that updated and improved risk evaluation resources have been posted to the Risk-Based Remediation Website at . The Preliminary Soil Remedial Goals Table and the DEQ Risk Calculator have been updated with the new soil screening levels recently released by EPA.  DEQ also added more details and graphics to the DEQ Risk Calculator User Guide to provide step-by-step instructions on the use of the Risk Calculator.  The May 2019 versions replace any prior versions.


What Has Been Updated


When EPA releases their updates (typically 1-2 times per year), DEQ updates their website and urges users to always access these resources from the website to be sure you are using the most recent versions.


Janet Macdonald, PG
Unit Supervisor, Division of Waste Managment
NC Department of Environmental Quality