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Please take our Annual Meeting Survey!

(even if you did not attend)

NCMA needs to see a strong showing at our annual meetings. Each year we invite important speakers who decide legislative and regulatory matters affecting manufacturers. They need to see a room full of members and business partners who represent an influential constituency. Additionally, when we make significant changes to the NCMA by-laws, we need a quorum to effect the business of the organization.

This survey is designed to gain insights from our members and business partners. Why do you attend? Why don't you attend? What can we do to make the annual meeting an event worth your time and effort to support?

NOTE: This survey collects NO personally identifiable information. This survey is anonymous unless you provide your contact information for follow up communication prior to submittal.

Check all that apply.

PresentationA one-way communication where one or more speakers share information or insights with the audience with time for Q&A, and is suitable for delivering updates, reports, or training.
DiscussionTwo-way or multi-way communication where the participants exchange ideas, opinions, or feedback which is suitable for brainstorming, problem-solving, or decision-making.
Workshopcollaborative and hands-on communication where the participants work together on a specific task or project which is suitable for planning, designing, or testing.

Check all that apply.
Check all that apply.
Check all that apply.
This question wants to hear from survey responders your general impressions about what makes a good annual meeting and/or what would be a deciding factor in your attendance.
If you check this box, we will ask for your name and email address.