NCMA Welcomes New Business Partner – Enthalpy Analytical

NCMA Welcomes New Business Partner - Enthalpy Analytical

March 1, 2021

The NCMA Board of Directors has approved Enthalpy Analytical’s application to join NCMA as a Business Partner.  The Enthalpy Analytical (Enthalpy) application was sponsored by NCMA member Mark Hawes of Shurtape.

Enthalpy is a Montrose Environmental company.  Montrose is an environmental services company with 70 offices across the US, Canada, and Australia.  Headquartered in Irvine, California, Montrose-affiliated companies provide a broad range of environmental services.  Enthalpy’s role is to provide environmental laboratory services, with specialization in PFAS analysis. Enthalpy maintains two (2) offices in North Carolina which are in Durham and Wilmington.

Enthalpy’s Durham lab offers analytical services supporting source, ambient air, and fence line test programs.  Lab services include VOCs, speciated organics, formaldehyde, anions/cations, multi-metals, condensable and filterable particulate matter.  The Wilmington lab is a dedicated ultra-trace laboratory providing analysis of persistent organic pollutants including PFAS, Dioxins/Furans, PCB Congeners, PAH’s, and HxCB in a variety of matrices such as soil, water, air, biota, and products.

Enthalpy Analytical is the first laboratory services company to join NCMA as a Business Partner.  Lindsay Boone of Enthalpy’s Wilmington office will be NCMA’s primary contact with the company.

Please join NCMA staff in welcoming Enthalpy Analytical to NCMA!