NCMA Welcomes New Member – Saft America, Inc

NCMA Welcomes New Member - Saft America, Inc

At its January 30, 2020 meeting the NCMA Board of Directors approved an application for membership submitted by Saft America, Inc.

Saft America is a global battery design and manufacturing company.  The company, which was founded in France in 1918, operates 14 manufacturing sites around the world, with four (4) of those sites located in the United States, including a site in Valdese. Saft has been operating in the US as Saft America for about half of its 100-year history.

In the late 1980’s Saft America acquired Duracell’s business-to-business operations in Valdese and expanded its lithium sulfur dioxide battery production at the Valdese site.  Today the Valdese site is the center of production for three (3) of the company’s lithium ion battery lines; Li-SO2 and Li-SOCl2 batteries which are primarily used for communications, GPS, and night vision equipment, and Li-MnO2 batteries which are primarily used in various types of meters.

Saft America has 208 employees at its Valdese site.  Mary Lyons will serve as NCMA’s principle contact with the company.

Please join NCMA staff in welcoming NCMA’s newest member – Saft America, Inc!