North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance Names New President

Ross M. Smith, Incoming President of NCMA

Ross M. Smith, Incoming President of NCMA

Effective January 1, 2022

North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance Names New President

December 3, 2021

RALEIGH, NC (Dec 3, 2021) – The North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) announced today that Ross M. Smith will become President effective January 1, 2022. NCMA Executive Board selected Smith to succeed Preston Howard who will retire on December 31, 2021, after serving nearly 23 years as NCMA President.

"I have been actively involved with NCMA as a manufacturing member and as a business partner for over 20 years," Ross Smith said. "I feel very much at home with this organization, and I am looking forward to being on the front lines promoting state laws, regulations, and policies that strengthen our North Carolina manufacturing sector."

Smith comes to NCMA well qualified to advocate for issues of importance to manufacturers in North Carolina. He has 33 years of experience managing teams responsible for environmental projects and regulatory compliance in mining and chemical industry sectors. He served as Chair of the Board of Directors for NCMA for two terms and is a past President of the Carolina Air Pollution Control Association (CAPCA). Additionally, Smith previously served as Chair of the Carolina Industrial Group for Fair Utility Rates (CIGFUR) and brings with him a wealth of experience representing manufacturer’s concerns on energy policy.

"Ross Smith was chosen from a list of stellar candidates and he demonstrates excellence in every area the selection committee identified as important in our next President," said Sharon Drescher, Chair of the NCMA Board of Directors. "We knew that finding a successor to Preston Howard would be nearly impossible, but Ross impressed us as the one who could ensure smooth leadership transition, sustain NCMA's value proposition for its members, and meet future challenges that affect manufacturing in a thriving NC economy."

NCMA President, Preston Howard said, "I've known Ross Smith for more than two decades. We've worked side-by-side on so many issues and I can assure the members of NCMA that they are in good hands. Ross’ integrity and communications skills will make him an excellent advocate for our members." Howard went on to say, "I feel like NCMA is a part of me and I am a part of NCMA. While I am excited about retiring and exploring my next challenge, knowing that Ross will be leading the way for NCMA gives me a high comfort level. I know him well, I appreciate him, and I trust him to take NCMA in the right direction."

"Following Preston as President of NCMA will be a challenging yet exciting endeavor," Smith said. "I have seen and experienced the effective and successful inner workings of the Alliance. Now, I have the opportunity to continue the Alliance's critical role in supporting and growing manufacturing in North Carolina."

Since 1988, NCMA has represented manufacturers in the legislative and executive branches of state government, focusing on legislative and regulatory issues that impact North Carolina's position as a great state for manufacturing companies to develop and grow their businesses. NCMA is a non-profit organization with diverse membership base that includes chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper and other wood products, adhesives, tobacco, heavy equipment, heavy duty vehicles, furniture, and steel.

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