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2021 Water Quality Workshop Presentation Materials

Documents used during the Water Quality Workshop Online February 23, 2021 are posted here.

DISCLAIMER: All materials posted on this page are intended for use by those who attended the NCMA co-sponsored Online North Carolina Water Quality Compliance Workshops in 2021. Any errors in the information found on this page cannot be used as a defense for noncompliance with water quality rules. Regulated entities are responsible for compliance regardless the information found on this page or interpretation of the meaning of these materials. All information is subject to change and correction prior or subsequent to user access.

8:15 AM - Director's Remarks

Danny Smith
Division of Water Resources

COVID Impacts • Inspections
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[cl-popup title="DANNY SMITH
Director, Division of Water Resources, NCDEQ" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Danny Smith's Bio"]BIO

B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Science, N.C. State University, M.S. Natural Resources - Hydrology, N.C. State University. Mr. Smith has worked for the Department of Environmental Quality for 28 years. He started with the Division of Water Resources as an Ambient Monitor in 1992, and continued with the Division in positions including technician, specialist, program consultant, and environmental compliance supervisor. He was Supervisor for the Raleigh Regional Office of Division of Water Resources for 12 years.  Most recently, Mr. Smith served as the Director for the Division of Energy Mineral and Land Resources and returned to Water Resources in February of 2021 as the Division of Water Resources’ Director.



8:45 AM Water Quality Legal Update

Drew Hargrove
Office of General Counsel, DEQ

WOTUS wetlands, cooling ponds
Coal Ash • Natural Gas Pipeline
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[cl-popup title="Drew Hargrove
Assistant General Counsel, NCDEQ" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Drew Hargrove's Bio"]BIO

Drew Hargrove is an Assistant General Counsel with N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ).  Since joining NCDEQ in 2014, he has worked on a wide range of legal matters, but works primarily with NCDEQ’s Division of Water Resources.  Drew currently serves on the Council for the N.C. Bar Association’s Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Section.  While in law school at UNC- Chapel Hill, Drew was a staff member of the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology and a member of the law school’s Environmental Law Project.  Prior to earning his law degree, Drew worked for several years in the investment management business.



9:25 AM Surface Water Standards

Chris Ventaloro
Industrial Hygiene Consultant
Water Planning Section

Upcoming Triennial Review - DWR Priorities and Adoption Schedule
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[cl-popup title="Chris Ventaloro
Industrial Hygiene Consultant" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Chris Ventaloro's Bio"]BIO

Christopher “Chris” Ventaloro is a Water Quality Standards Co-coordinator in the Planning Section of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Resources. His main function in this role is to research and review EPA publications and scientific literature for the purpose of developing surface water quality criteria and to bring proposed criteria through the rulemaking process for establishment as state water quality standards. Chris brings a variety of knowledge to this role including 20 years of laboratory experience in aquatic toxicology, wet chemistry, and microbiology as well as an education in biology (B.S., Long Island University-Southampton) and GIS. When not working Chris will likely be found spilling water while doing maintenance on his aquarium, filling his garage with sawdust, torturing his wife and cats while he “plays” guitar, and being taken out for long walks by his dog, Molly.



10:00 AM PFAS Investigations

Julie Grzyb
Deputy Director
Division of Water Resources

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[cl-popup title="Julie Grzyb
Deputy Director" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Julie Grzyb's Bio"]BIO

Julie Grzyb (pronounced Gribb) is the Deputy Director for North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality - Division of Water Resources. She has worked for DWR since 2009, first as a NPDES permit writer and later as Supervisor over the Municipal & Industrial Permitting Branch. Her focus has been on addressing emerging compounds in the Cape Fear, remediation at the Chemours facility in Fayetteville, and implementation of the state's dissolved metal standards. Prior to working at DWR, Julie was a Water Resource Manager for Virginia, DEQ and the Industrial Permitting Supervisor for Ohio EPA's southwest regional office.  Julie earned her B.S. degree from the College of Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  She enjoys all water activities but mostly relaxing and canoeing on the lake.



11:00 AM NPDES Update

Mike Montebello
Program Manager
Jeff Poupart
Section Chief
Water Quality Permitting Section

New Applications • Library of Pollutants • Industrial pretreatment SIU Concerns
Disclosure of Wastewater Contents • Disclosure of Releases to Downstream Receptors
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[cl-popup title="Mike Montebello
Program Manager" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Mike Montebello's Bio"]BIO

Michael Montebello is the Supervisor of the Municipal Unit in the Division of Water Resources. He has been with the State of North Carolina since April 2020. He presently addresses major municipal NPDES, pretreatment programs and Collection System permitting along with related program priorities.

Michael was the former Domestic Wastewater Section Manager in the SC Bureau of Water. He oversaw permitting for the Domestic NPDES and Non-Discharge wastewater, wastewater treatment plant design review, pretreatment program review, Industrial wastewater pretreatment system permitting, domestic sludge land application permitting, compliance and enforcement assistance; Michael was also responsible for the SC Water Quality Standards updates, NPDES regulation updates and was a “Superuser” in the development of the Bureau of Water’s ePermitting integration for the Agency. Michael retired after nearly forty years of service.


[cl-popup title="Jeff Poupart
Section Chief" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Jeff Poupart's Bio"]BIO

Jeff Poupart has been the Chief of the Water Quality Permitting Section of the Division of Water Resources since 2015.  This Section administers permitting and compliance functions for NPDES Wastewater and Collection Systems, Non-Discharge, 401 and Buffers, Animal Feeding Operations and Transportation Permitting.   Jeff has been with DWR since 1992 serving in a variety of areas.   Jeff graduated from Aquinas College in 1990 with a BS in Chemistry.  He is also a retired Air Force Reserve Major.



12:40 PM Groundwater Standards

Bridget Flaherty Shelton
GW Quality Standards Coordinator
Rules Review Branch

Overview of Rules • IMAC Updates and - 2L Rules at Notice
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[cl-popup title="Bridget Flaherty Shelton
GW Quality Standards Coordinator" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Bridget Flaherty Shelton's Bio"]BIO

Bridget Shelton is the Groundwater Standards Coordinator in the Classifications, Standards, and Rules Review Branch in the Water Resources Planning Section of DWR. She is responsible for developing the groundwater standards of the state which are the maximum allowable concentrations resulting from any discharge of contaminants which may be tolerated without creating a threat to human health. She is also responsible for the triennial review of existing groundwater standards, making recommendations to the Environmental Management Commission, and developing interim maximum allowable concentrations (IMACs). She has been with DWR for 3 years and has a Master’s degree in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health from Duke University.



1:15 PM Groundwater Rules

Rick Bolich
Asst. Regional Supervisor
DWR, Raleigh Regional Office

Implementation of .02L groundwater Rules and Re-adoption Update • Compliance Boundaries and Review Boundaries
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[cl-popup title="Rick Bolich
Asst. Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Rick Bolich's Bio"]BIO

Rick Bolich is the Section Chief of the Groundwater Resources Section of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Resources (DWR).  Rick has been with the DWR (DWQ) since 1999, and has worked as a hydrogeologist, program consultant, assistant regional supervisor, and regional supervisor in the Raleigh Regional Office and DWR Central Office.  Prior to joining the DWR, Rick was a private hydrogeologic consultant and owner of Geo-Solutions, Inc. in Raleigh, NC, and he was employed as a staff hydrogeologist for Metcalf and Eddy in the company’s Wakefield Massachusetts headquarters and New Jersey offices.  Rick earned a BS in geology from the University of Miami (Fla.) and an MS in geology from N.C. State University.  Rick is a licensed geologist in North Carolina and Virginia.  Rick can be reached at rick.bolich@ncdenr.gov and by telephone at 919-707-3671.



1:55 PM Non-Discharge

Nathaniel Thornburg
Non-Discharge Branch

Types of Permits • Direct Discharge vs Non-Discharge Alternatives • Residual Permits
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[cl-popup title="Nathaniel Thornburg
Chief" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Nathaniel Thornburg's Bio"]BIO

Nathaniel Thornburg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has worked in the Non-Discharge Branch for 20 years as an Engineer I, II, and III, as well as the Branch Chief since 2015.



2:20 PM Industrial Stormwater Overview

Annette Lucas
Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources, Stormwater Program

DMRs / General Permits
No PowerPoint Slides associated with this presentation. The speaker will use live screen versions of the program website.

[cl-popup title="Annette Lucas
Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Annette Lucas's Bio"]BIO

Annette is the Supervisor of the DEQ Stormwater Program. Annette is a licensed professional engineer who has worked in various aspects of stormwater planning, design, permitting and education in DEQ for 25 years. She has a bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Public Policy Studies and a master’s degree from NC State University in Civil Engineering. In 2019, she was named as the H. R. Malcom Stormwater Professional of the Year.



3:25 PM What to Expect During an NPDES Inspection

Tom Tharrington
Asst. Regional Supervisor
DWR, Wilmington Regional Office

Mock Inspection - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
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[cl-popup title="Tom Tharrington
Asst. Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Read Tom Tharrington's Bio"]BIO

Tom Tharrington is the Assistant Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section in the Wilmington Regional Office, he has nearly 35 years of experience in the public and private sector. Prior to joining NCDEQ in 2004, Tom worked with BASF Corp, Takeda Chemical Products, Cogentrix and E.I. Dupont de Nemours and has a diverse background that comprises technical and managerial experiences, wastewater treatment process control, groundwater monitoring and remediation, regulatory oversight and staff/operator training. Along with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Geology, Tom maintains operator certifications for Biological Wastewater 4, Land Application of Residual Solids, Spray Irrigation, Subsurface and Physical/Chemical 1.



4:05 PM Regional Supervisors Panel Discussion and Q&A

Reporting Requirements • Upsets/Bypasses • Relevant Concerns in each Region

Panelists are Regional Supervisors, Water Quality Regional Operations Section

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[cl-popup title="Landon Davidson, Asheville
Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Landon Davidson, Asheville"]BIO

G. Landon Davidson, PG is the Environmental Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section in the Asheville Regional Office.
Years of Experience: 3 years environmental consulting; 25 years NC DEQ regulatory experience
Degree: B.S. Earth Science and M.S. Geological Sciences

Asheville Regional Office, 2090 U.S. Hwy. 70, Swannanoa, NC 28778


[cl-popup title="Corey Basinger, Mooresville
Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Corey Basinger, Mooresville"]BIO

Corey Basinger is the Environmental Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section in the Mooresville Regional Office.
BS Civil Engineering – NC State University
29th year of service with DEQ-DWR
23 years in WSRO, 6th year in MRO
WSRO Regional Supervisor 2010-2015, MRO Regional Supervisor 2015 to present
Chairman, Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission from 2013-Present


[cl-popup title="Lon Snider, Winston-Salem
Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Lon Snider, Winston-Salem"]BIO

Lonnie “Lon” Thomas Snider II is the Environmental Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section in the Winston-Salem Regional Office.

Years’ experience: 3 years in Environmental Consultant field; 6 years project management for Disaster Recovery & Heavy/ Highway construction; 14 years with NCDENR/NCDEQ

Degree:  B.S. Environmental Health & Science

Summary Bio

Born and raised in Western NC, Lon has spent his entire life working all over the state of North Carolina in different capacities from environmental consulting, project management of large disaster recovery efforts & heavy/ highway construction before joining NCDENR/NCDEQ in 2007 in the Mooresville Regional office. He is currently the Regional Supervisor for the Winston-Salem Water Quality Regional Operations Section.

Winston-Salem Regional Office: 450 West Hanes Mill Rd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105

(office) 336-776-9700

[cl-popup title="Scott Vinson, Raleigh
Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Scott Vinson, Raleigh"]BIO

Scott Vinson is the Environmental Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section in the Raleigh Regional Office.  Scott has a B.S. in Biological & Agricultural Engineering from NC State University and over 24 years of experience with the State in the field of protecting water resources.


[cl-popup title="Morella Sanchez King, Wilmington
Regional Supervisor" show_on="text" btn_label="Morella Sanchez King, Wilmington"]BIO

Morella Sanchez King came to the US from her native country, Venezuela, 25 years ago to pursue her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Environmental Engineering.  She graduated from the University of Idaho and moved to North Carolina in 2003.  She has worked in the engineering field for over 30 years and joined the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (now Department of Environmental Quality) at the Wilmington Regional office in 2012, where she started as the supervisor of the Aquifer Protection Section and currently is the Regional Supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section.

Her Section focuses on service to the regional surface water and groundwater concerns of citizens, local governments and business communities. Regional office staff issue permits for sewer extensions, 401 water quality certifications, stream impacts, and well construction. Regional office personnel also conduct permitted facility inspections of collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, animal operations, and address incident and/or complaint investigations.